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Anonymous fraud reporting form

This form is for the anonymous reporting of fraudulent activities. The information provided here will be shared with WASPA's Compliance team. Please try to include sufficient information that we can replicate the fraud you are reporting.

Type of suspected fraud:   If other:
Date that the activity was detected (required): (yyyy-mm-dd)
Application/package name/URL (required):

Short description of suspicious activity (required):

If you are reporting an application, is the application available in an online store? Yes, available in the Google Play Store
Yes, available in the Apple App Store
Yes, available elsewhere:
No, not as far as I know.

Please upload any files that you think will assist WASPA in investigating this issue. Video files, PCAP, TCP dump, and process flow descriptions are far more useful than screenshots, but please upload anything you think might be helpful.
Upload supporting documentation/files:

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While WASPA welcomes anonymous fraud reporting, we provide an optional contact details section here in case you do not want to remain anonymous, and are comfortable with WASPA contacting you regarding this report. We will not use the details provided here for any purpose other than to process your reported fraud.
Name (optional):
Phone (optional):
Email (optional):
How to capture evidence To capture a TCP dump on an Android device, install the 'tPacketCapture' application from the Google Play store (link). This application records on the network traffic to and from the Android device without requiring root permissions. A video recording of the screen can be done with an application such as 'Recordable' (link). When testing, start the TCP dump on tPacketCapture, start the screen recording application, then start the test in the browser. Stop the packet capture and screen recording after each test to limit the file size.